The Phoenix Fallacy series

Jonathan Sourbeer


A group of mercenaries fight for the truth in a dystopian world.

What is the Phoenix Fallacy?

In a city dominated by Cerberus Corporation, few have the opportunity to find out. But deep in the slums, one young man dreams of more. For Janus has the wits to stand out, and the mouth to get noticed.

Grabbed by Corporate security, Janus soon finds himself ushered to a place beyond his imagination: the ODIN Legion. A place where even the most destitute can make their fortune as a soldier. And he won’t be taking the journey alone. Joining him are his fellow cadets, each fighting for their own future. Celes, the mysterious sniper; Lyn, the wisecracking scout; Ramirez, the reserved heavy gunner; and Marcus, the cunning security trooper. And all of them guided by the tough-as-nails Sergeant Wouris, who has her own battles to fight.

Even with their help, the question remains: can Janus learn the truth before it costs him, or his squad, their lives?