The Rare or Unread Short Stories of Grant Allen

edited by Peter Morton


Unread by all but a handful of people in 100 years and exclusively transcribed for Vulpine Press.

We hear about the novelists, but who were the regular newspaper and magazine story writers - the popular tale-weavers - of the Victorian era?

Grant Allen was a renowned science writer, whose self-described ‘descent’ into fiction - in which he wrote for some of the most popular publications of the time - led to some exceedingly sharp and funny depictions of Victorian society.

A key early proponent of evolution, Allen's science writing was exquisite, but his fiction has largely been unread for over a century. 

This collection offers some of the best of these untouched stories, written with a wit and humour which will delight modern audiences. Some of these will make you wonder how they were written so long ago, as relevant as they still are, whilst others will show you aspects of 19th century society which you had no idea existed.

Hand picked and edited by the leading Allen-academic, Peter Morton, who particularly beautifully describes the writers self-described 'descent' into fiction.