The Darkthorn Series

Michael Lilly


The Innovative detective turned serial killer story.

My name is Jeremy Thorn, and I’m a serial killer.   

Jeremy ‘Remy’ Thorn is a detective from a small town in Oregon. He does his job well and keeps to himself. A past of trauma and abuse, and a compulsive need for balance have shaped him into the person he is today: a decisive, effective killer.

His routine is simple but trustworthy.

Step one: Find two targets. The first, an abomination of a human being whose only contribution to the world is as fertilizer. The second, a detriment to society, perhaps a sidekick or accessory.

Step two: Kill the first. Frame the second.


We're about to find out how true that last bit is.


"...distinguished by fine writing, a compelling story and well- wrought characters. An auspicious debut."

Michael Nava, author of the Henry Rios novels